We work desperately through the vagaries
of pain and joy to become something.

We plan, hope, dream, and move things
from one place to another.

We assure ourselves constantly that
we’re in control. Only to be
taken by surprise.

Nothing is ever what we really
expected. It’s always better or
worse. Even our machines, the
one thing we have created ourselves,
seem to mock their makers.

Cars don’t always start. Matches
don’t always strike. The world has a
will of its own. We meet this with obstinate
denial, surely we are masters, not
servants. We command time to be obedient, and
life to be predictable. Only to be taken
by surprise.

As each piece of our puzzle falls
graciously into place
there’s always one piece missing.
or one that doesn’t fit.  It never
Does. Never will.
As we give up the role of master
we become Life.
And are taken by surprise.


David Russell OFS,